Intuitive wetland. 2018. 
Eco print with native plant litter, indigo, ink and stitch.

My art explores a connection with place and the environment.  I combine the visuals and stories of place and memory using a contact print process from plants and found objects using the evocative and subdued effects of layered colour and texture from botanical dyes, mark making and Eco prints rather than from reproducing nature exactly.

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Creativity and environmental art


With my art  I combine the visuals and stories of place and memory using contact prints with plants and found objects. Drawing or stitches are then added as a means of mapping and recording my responses to the landscape. I work with cloth, paper, windfall plants and leaves, local weeds and parasitic plants, minerals and water to create the image. 


Contact Plant Print, Stitching, slow stitch, eco print

I  use stitch with a sense of peace and tranquillity. It is a slow and meditative process and the stitch lines represent the journey and my crossings over the land. I want to narrow the distance between the natural forms and what I am creating. It is through the layering of different procedures that I am able to make my own model of a particular landscape.


Jervis Bay, White Sands, Jervis Bay Art

In my art I am exploring a connection with place and the environment, which now is in Jervis Bay with its the ever-changing colours and backdrops.  My inspiration of place can use the beaches and shorelines of the bay, the forests of the National Parks.  Though I still have a fondness for the mountains that are the skyline of Canberra.